Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Two empowering births.

My first birth was in a hospital, but it was unmedicated and a vaginal delivery. We researched all our options and had a very successful, mostly intervention free birth.

This birth was a home birth. And intervention free, however, this birth was much more empowering than the first. I think there are a few reasons for that. 

In our hospital birth, we had prepared to have to fight for our every preference. This created an us vs. them mentality that made it hard for me to completely relax. We also birthed on Saturday, so didn't have any of my normal obstetricians. Finally, the difference between a hospital room and my living room is extensive.

At home, I stayed in my living room and bedroom for the entire labor. I worked with the two midwives we had seen for months. Neither of whom interfered unless they felt it was necessary. Everything they said was framed as a suggestion.

The difference in the two experiences was staggering. My second labor lasted longer than the first yet I was well rested and able to eat at home in a way that was impossible in the hospital. My recovery had been quicker as well.

While I believe hospitals are necessary in some instances, for my family the homebirth was much more empowering than the hospital birth, which at the time felt very empowering. We would not hesitate to have another homebirth.