Friday, February 28, 2014

Lent calendar completed!

It took way longer than I had expected, but I've finally got a plan of Lenten activities (one each day) laid out. Here's the list of preschool appropriate and family activities:

We are actually starting on Monday, March 3rd by planting some hyacinth bulbs we will force and making a countdown chain on the 4th.

Ash Wednesday: Create this Lenten Prayer Pot.
March 6: Start praying at bedtime.
March 7: Create this fish mobile.
March 8: Create and begin to fill a Lenten Alms Jar.
March 9: Create a home altar.
March 10: Trace hands. Discuss service as "giving a helping hand. "
March 11:  Make a wooden cross. Read John 19: 17.
March 12: Bake some goodies for our sitter.
March 13: Begin praying in the morning.
March 14: Create these sacrifice beads.
March 15: Make a crown of thorns. Read John 19: 2. Added crown to family altar.
March 16: Make rainbows with cotton balls and colored puffs in honor of St. Patrick's Day.
March 17: Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Shamrock crafts.
March 18: Sift small rocks from large rocks. Discuss how big sins stay with us longer than small sins and emphasize the importance of asking forgiveness.
March 19: Make soft pretzels. Read Matt 26: 17-19.
March 20: Start praying at evening meal.
March 21: Use purple water to transfer with eye dropper. Discuss importance of purple in liturgical calendar.
March 22: Introduce the silence game and discuss importance of listening to God.
March 23: Make these kits to hand out to homeless on the street.
March 24: Make this stained glass cross.
March 25: Attach correct clothespins to liturgical color wheel.
March 26: Create this Lenten rosary.
March 27: Create the base for our Jesus Tree.
March 28 and 29: Make ornaments for Jesus Tree.
March 30: Decorate Jesus Tree.
March 31: Create and discuss these Life of Jesus printables.
April 1: Make this seashell cross.
April 2: Create puppets and tell the story of Daniel in the Lions' Den.
April 3: Take bulbs out of closet.
April 4: Visit the conservatory to bask in the beauty of God's creation.
April 5: Visit a nursing home.
April 6: Make and decorate a dove, a symbol of peace.
April 7: Bake hot cross buns.
April 8: Use these printables to tell the story of the loaves and fishes.
April 9: Create these Easter rosary books.
April 10: Prepare and eat a Passover meal.
April 11: Create this torn paper art.
April 12: Make this footprint donkey and handprint palms in anticipation of Palm Sunday.
April 13: Make paper Palm leaves.
April 14: Create an Easter garden.
April 15: Make cupcakes or cookies for Daddy's work friends.
April 16: Create this cotton ball lamb.
April 17: Wash children's feet. Discuss significance.
April 18: Make these Easter story cookies.
April 19: Dye Easter eggs.
April 20: Easter mass and egg hunt.

We are also hoping to have one of our priests over for dinner (now scheduled for the 29th) as well as one of our church friends.

Hope this gives you some ideas for Lent. If you have a tradition your family enjoys for Lent, share it below.